Location: Auckland, New Zealand.

Architect: BVN in association with Jasmax.

The B:Hive project is a new model of office building that aims to transform a twentieth-century office park into a twenty-first century engaged urban hub. The building is designed to be a “place” for flexible, collaborative and community engaged work, attracting start-ups, small companies and individuals. The five-level building engages at ground level with Goodside, a new vibrant hospitality precinct, and seamlessly merges into the ground floor of B:Hive, creating an energetic flow from the public realm to the interior of the building. The ground floor is designed as a hosted events space with a large meeting forum and a range of meeting rooms available for both the Farm and the community. The atrium is the element that enables a new work community to thrive. The connecting stair is located close to the entry encouraging people to walk through the building rather than take the lift which is located to the edge, providing opportunities to engage, meet, observe and participate. The floors are designed for complete flexibility with relocatable walls located around the perimeter, creating suites enabling collaborative space around the atrium for overflow and individual subscribers. The building’s design also prioritizes wellness, with mixed mode ventilation facilitated by drawing air through the atrium, a large clear skylight over the atrium enabling direct sunlight to penetrate deep into the building, and the stair providing easy walking and energizing throughout the day. Overall, the B:Hive project is a unique and innovative approach to office building design, prioritizing community engagement, flexibility, and wellness.

Photo credit: John Gollings.