Location: Yangjia Village, Xingping Town, Guangxi Province, China.

Architect: Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects.

The project is located on a small plateau behind Yangjia Village, where the Yun House Eco-resort is situated. The design incorporates the natural topography and vegetation, with minimal ground leveling. The project includes two swimming pools and a yoga pavilion of equal dimensions, forming a high point in the hotel’s spatial sequence. The pools are designed to direct views towards different aspects of the surroundings, with the lower pool offering views of houses, trees, and rocks, and the upper pool offering views of mountains, clouds, and stars. The yoga pavilion is designed in a minimalist way, with a group of round-surface steel walls and an A-shaped steel column supporting a steel canopy. The pavilion also features a 50-meter long anti-ultraviolet translucent curtain, replacing the normal glass door and window fa├žade. The outdoor space created by the acoustic ceiling panel and polished terrazzo flooring captures a poetic narrative from the front village all the way back to the mountains. Overall, the project offers a tectonic experience for the mind, body, and surroundings, while showing respect to Mother Nature and classics.

Photo credit: Tian Fangfang.