Location: Guigang, China.

Architect: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Urban Planing& Architectural Design Co.Ltd.

Guigang is an ancient harbor city in Guang Xi province, China, known for its tradition of planting lotus. The city has become an important transport junction for both water and land transport due to its biggest inland river harbor in southern China and the biggest alluvial plain in Guang Xi. A project was designed at the west front of the municipal government plaza in Gangbei district, consisting of three individual buildings – grand theatre, people’s art gallery, and the science and technology museum. The buildings were linked with each other under the ‘water’ surface and form a complete external look. The ‘gray’ space was created by the ‘water’ surface and the three individual buildings’ external facade, which is the integration of all indoor public space. A full commercial plaza was designed to fit in the space created by elevating the main body of the building onto a platform and the sunken plaza. An additional civil square was also designed for people-gathering purposes. The design was an innovation based on local culture, history, and demands nowadays, which would help to form a virtuous circle in the area, driving the urban development and preserving cultural heritage.