Location: Los Angeles, California, United States.

Architect: Rapt Studio.

JERDE, an architecture and urban planning firm, has moved from Venice Beach to Downtown Los Angeles and enlisted Rapt Studio to design their new headquarters in The CalEdison, a historic landmark building. The 14-floor Art Deco building now houses JERDE’s new headquarters, which is inspired by hospitality as much as workplace design. The lobby welcomes visitors with plush lounge seating, warm wood paneling, and large plants framing views of the blue Los Angeles sky. A conference room sits encased in glass and can be separated into two rooms by a partition. A long table lies alongside a kitchen, where employees gather, and a model shop allows visitors to watch employees craft models of real-life projects on a small scale. Custom desks provide JERDE with the flexibility of an open office layout, and a large, open library space displays materials and models. The office balances high-end finishes and luxurious textures like leather, walnut, and brass with exposed concrete and a waffle ceiling. The space feels fresh and organized but still contains nods to JERDE’s traditional architectural practices. The new headquarters allows JERDE to receive clients in a historic yet modern setting, showcasing their work and unique design process in a beautiful, inviting space.

Photo credit: Eric Laignel.