Location: Chiang mai, Thailand.

Architect: proud design co,ltd..

Kiew Kai Ka is a well-known Thai restaurant that serves good food in an industrial loft-style architecture with dark tones and vintage furniture. The restaurant has opened a new branch in One Nimman Chiang Mai, which combines the culture of the West and the East together. The new branch is called “Kiew Kai ka Ka X Artisan cafe” and is decorated with a mixture of green color on the wall, conveying the richness of Thailand. The design is inspired by the pattern of celadon burned, which is a Thai food container since ancient times. The gable roof structure in this store is inspired by the shape of the old Lanna Thai house that is adapted in a neat and modern style. The design of the interactive style is made from the structure of the function mixed with the architecture that we actually use, such as the use of steel structures in the floating floor space in vintage style. The restaurant has an Artisan coffee shop that is designed to shorten the distance to the slightly greener restaurant to create a different dimension for the entrance. The interior space looks more airy, and the table and chair are placed taking into account the most flexible space. Vintage style furniture that can be moved can be arranged in a variety of images to support most customers who come in groups. The design concept of the new branch is no different from the Bangkok branch, and the use of graphic designs with a mixture of green color on the wall conveys the richness of Thailand. The restaurant has a unique image, and the design is made under the structure of the One Nimman project building itself. The restaurant is a beautiful, mellow, and tempting place to visit in Chiang Mai.

Photo credit: design something .com, Wanakit kawina.