Location: Suresnes, France.

Architect: AAVP – Vincent Parreira Atelier Architecture + Heureux Architectes.

The MUS René Sordes, a museum of urban and social history, has been added to the existing train station in Suresnes, France. The extension is a concrete monolith that serves as a base for the station and creates an elevated terrace for events. The new museum space houses temporary exhibitions and services, while the permanent collections are displayed in the two levels of the station. The ground floor focuses on the transition from a village to an industrial city, while the upper level showcases the achievements of former mayor Henri Sellier. The museum’s contemporary architecture is designed to complement the historic building, with a color scheme that mimics natural stone outside and vibrant brick inside. The museum’s exhibits include models and objects displayed on large white tables, with contextualizing images projected onto the walls. The new addition provides a space for public events and workshops, while preserving the original train station.

Photo credit: CYRUS CORNU.