Location: Aburi-Akuapem, Ghana.

Architect: Arthro Synergeio.

The Ankaase Palace in Aburi, Ghana is being redeveloped into a multi-purpose cultural building that will serve the needs of the Adontenhene Council and the entire community. The building has been designed as a net-zero energy building, with a solar photovoltaic roofing system generating all the energy required. The building is draped in an adinkra symbol “NSAA” cloth, representing the crown worn by the chief. The building has been designed on the principles of verticality due to land limitations, and natural light is tapped into the building through windows and light wells encased in polycarbonate. The traditional gathering of the chiefs and people in the palace is done in the public courtyard opened to the skies, and the ceilings on the various floors have been painted to depict the skies. The ground floor houses the public and private courts and other facilities required for the effective functioning and performance of the traditional and customary needs, while all other facilities such as a museum, lecture theatre, conference room, seminar and interactive rooms, lounge, and office for the chief are located on the upper levels. The building encourages an urban setting to drive the future regeneration of the town. The proposed multi-use cultural building has a gross floor area of 3854 sqm, compared to the existing building’s gross floor area of 745 sqm. The building has been designed to educate visitors on the cultural attributes of the Akuapem people and will serve as a cultural center of excellence.

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