Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Architect: Aravia Design Limited.

The design of a new complex aims to promote sustainability and work-life balance through public and open spaces. The building’s facade is designed as a protective layer against weather and noise, with a semi-transparent louvred skin that acts as a sun shading device and allows for cross ventilation. The office blocks are designed to maximize passive ventilation and light penetration, with louvres installed between levels to allow hot air to ventilate. The design integrates practicality with aesthetics and aims to create a future work-space that adds extra value beyond just a place to work. The innovation lies in the integrated solution between aesthetics and practicality, and spatial experience and technicality. Sunken courtyards on the two ends further enhance the experience, and potentially, solar panels can be applied to the insulation for energetic and acoustic performances. Overall, the design aims to deliver a vision of a future work-space that creates extra value for both the public realm and the work style of active office workers.