Location: Oklahoma City, United States.

Architect: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris.

Squirrel Park is a housing development in Oklahoma City that aims to increase density in central residential areas. The development consists of four two-bedroom single-family homes made from repurposed shipping containers. The site is located between a residential area and a commercial corridor, and a shared entrance and carport buffer the commercial property while promoting community living. The design encourages outdoor living and human interaction through covered front-facing porches and shared communal spaces. The site is developed as a park-like environment with a central gathering space featuring benches and a large fountain. The interior layout of the homes is conventional, while the exterior has a modern, industrial aesthetic. The windows and site orientation are carefully controlled to provide privacy and site safety. The development is a collaboration between the client and architect, creating a thriving community at Squirrel Park.

Photo credit: Eric Schmid.