Location: Wuxi, China.

Architect: Shanghai United Design Group Co.,Ltd.

The Institute of Quantum Sensing in Wuxi is a micro-magnetic resonance laboratory under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Academician Du Jiangfeng. Its goal is to become a world-renowned quantum sensing research and development institution and promote the development of the quantum technology industry. The institute serves as a platform for industry-university-research cooperation in fields such as quantum computing, quantum measurement, and quantum sensing. The design of the institute aims to reflect the traditional culture of Wuxi through modern architecture, emphasizing the delicate and light building temperament of Jiangnan architecture. The building features a display area on the first floor and office and conference spaces on the second and third floors. The design prioritizes the streamlined organization of multiple functions, with the main entrance located at the intersection of the front road and commercial road for maximum accessibility. The building is also designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, with measures such as insulation boards and curtain walls for the outer walls and roof, insulated metal profiles and multi-cavity sealed hollow Low-E glass windows, and natural ventilation to achieve passive energy conservation and emission reduction. Overall, the Institute of Quantum Sensing in Wuxi is a state-of-the-art facility that combines modern design with traditional culture and a commitment to sustainability.