Location: Tychy, Poland.

Architect: TKHolding.

Aquatic Center – “Wodny Park Tychy” is a unique public solution created for the city’s needs. It is located in the coal-based region of Silesia, one of the most polluted regions in Europe. The complex works in synergy with a wastewater treatment plant, serving as a bio-energy power plant. Together they create an energy self-sufficient system, which also produces power for the city. The energy circulation cycle begins in the water treatment plant, where methane and CO2 are collected as biogas instead of being released into the atmosphere. That kind of biofuel is converted in bio-thermal co-generators to energy and heat. This process is enough not only to power wastewater plant, fermenters and Aquatic Center, but also overproduction is available to use by inhabitants. The whole idea of this development was to promote nature and sustainable approach to life. The site is located between a forest and households, giving an opportunity to relax and enjoy one’s free time. The architecture is inspired by nearby Paprocany Lake and reflects it by using curved forms. The façade is influenced by lake water reflexes and glows in many colours. The building also respects the historical context of the city, which hosts one of the oldest breweries in Poland – Tyskie, giving the possibility to use beer SPA. The multifunctional complex holds SPA, Wellness, Sauna zone, indoor surfing, wave pool along with fitness and children playgrounds. The mission of the project was to create a cornerstone in the process of building future sustainable cities. The characteristic elliptical design of the building is dictated by maximizing energy efficiency. The main recreation area is also illuminated through ETFE skylight, reducing the need for artificial light. Its shape is optimized to allow as much light as possible. The Educational Center is a very important part of Aquatic Center. The interdisciplinary display helps youngsters and adults understand why water is the most important particle in the universe. Freshly acquired knowledge about physical processes can be tested by playing a real-life game as a part of architecture gamification, which uses all Aquatic Center as context. Finding clues hidden in architectural elements and using facts to solve problems enhance experiencing the building and perpetuates things learned in Educational Center, making Wodny Park Tychy truly multifunctional and innovative design.