MUSEUM OF SCIENCE // giulia de appolonia officina di architettura

Location: Bragança, Portugal. Architect: giulia de appolonia officina di architettura. The Museo della Scienza Viva/CMIA is a museum located in Bragança, Portugal, designed by architect Giulia de Appolonia. The project was born from a design competition for young architects published by Bragançapolis in association with Europan. The building is characterized by a large “sheet” of […]

Museu da Geira Romana // Carvalho Araújo

Location: Gerês, Portugal. Architect: Carvalho Araújo. The Museu da Geira was designed with the intention of creating a mark on the land that would help to organize new developments. The building is situated on a platform that supports the Ethnographic Museum of Vilarinho das Furnas and some granaries, and it backs onto a wall, lending […]

Museography and Exhibition of Panteão dos Almeida // spaceworkers®

Location: Abrantes, Portugal. Architect: spaceworkers® . A new exhibition in a historic Portuguese church explores the intersection between minimalist architecture and an existing structure that is over 800 years old. The exhibition aims to create an immersive and transparent experience for visitors, allowing them to cross layers of information between the present and the past. […]

Multipurpose Pavilion in Viana do Castelo // Eduardo Souto de Moura

Location: Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura. The multipurpose Pavilion is a building designed by an architect named Fernando Távora. It is located in a planned area and is aligned with another building on the south side. The building has a square in front of its north elevation with alleys that mark […]

MNMC – Museu Nacional Machado de Castro // Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos

Location: Coimbra, Portugal. Architect: Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos. Two thousand years ago, a Roman Criptoporticum was built in Coimbra to contain the Central forum of the Roman City of “Aeminiun”. It has since been used for various purposes, including stocking warehouses, street shops, attached housing, and horse stables. In 1910, it was converted into a city […]

Megalithic Museum // CVDB ARQUITECTOS

Location: Mora, Portugal. Architect: CVDB ARQUITECTOS. The Megalithic Museum in Mora, Portugal is a new cultural asset for the town and region, showcasing archaeological findings and serving as a local and national reference. The museum complex integrates the old train station, its warehouse, and two new buildings, with a continuous outdoor gallery connecting them. The […]

Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office // Álvaro Siza Vieira

Location: Seixal, Portugal. Architect: Álvaro Siza Vieira. The Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office is an architectural project designed by Arqt. Siza Vieira that aims to promote contemporary art, particularly the work of Manuel Cargaleiro, and the Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation collections. The building is located in Quinta da Fidalga and features a harmonious articulation between the different […]

MAAVC // Camilo Rebelo Tiago Pimentel

Location: Prehistoric Rock-Art Site of the Côa Valley, Portugal. Architect: Camilo Rebelo Tiago Pimentel. The Museum of Art and Archaeology of the Côa Valley was designed with a focus on topography, accessibilities, and program. The museum entrance is located at the top of the topography, which required the creation of a platform, terrace, and belvedere […]

LUGAR DO CONHECIMENTO // Helena Botelho Arquitectura

Location: Odemira, Portugal. Architect: Helena Botelho Arquitectura. The Jardim de Infância Nossa Senhora da Piedade (JINSP) was established in 1967 to provide education for children in the area. After 50 years of operation, the school has realized the need to integrate learning with life experiences and has proposed the construction of a new space called […]

Library and Archives of the Municipality of Grândola // Pedro Matos Gameiro Arquitecto

Location: Grândola, Portugal. Architect: Pedro Matos Gameiro Arquitecto. The new Library and Municipal Archive in Grândola, Portugal is located in the renovated Praça da República, which is now a peaceful and orderly square. The building is designed to be a reference point in the urban continuum and is accessed through a cloister that leads to […]

Laboratory of landscape // CANNATÀ & FERNANDES

Location: Guimarães, Portugal. Architect: CANNATÀ & FERNANDES. The building is located in Veiga de Creixomil, Guimarães, in a sensitive area of high landscape value. It is classified as a National Ecological Reserve and is southwest of the historic city center. The terrain has a relative difference in height, a water channel, dirt trails, great visibility […]

Interpretation Centre of Romanesque // spaceworkers®

Location: Porto, Portugal. Architect: spaceworkers®. The Interpretation Centre of Romanesque is located in the Village of Lousada, Portugal, and seeks to create a relationship with the site by its implantation on the village square limit. The building contains the principles of unity within diversity, appearing under the form of several volumes with different heights and […]

Ílhavo Maritime Museum Extension // ARX Portugal Arquitectos

Location: Ilhavo, Portugal. Architect: ARX Portugal Arquitectos. The codfish aquarium is a unique building that connects three different units: the Maritime Museum, the Aquarium, and the research center for marine activities. The building is designed to be both an autonomous urban equipment and a building-path that spirals around a tank, connecting the Museum to the […]

House of Arts // [SVBARQ] Sérgio Vieira Barbosa Arquitetura

Location: V.N.Famalicão, Portugal. Architect: [SVBARQ] Sérgio Vieira Barbosa Arquitetura. The C.M. Famalicão project, which began in 2004, aims to create multi-purpose devices with a cultural focus. The project is restricted and its current status is open-ended without any reported results. The location of the project is in Vila Nova de Famalicão. Photo credit: Sérgio Barbosa.

GALERIA VASCO DA GAMA 26 // Marlene Uldschmidt Architects

Location: FERRAGUDO, Portugal. Architect: Marlene Uldschmidt Architects. Galeria Vasco da Gama 26, a historic building in Ferragudo, Portugal, was restored by a studio with the intention of creating a multipurpose space for the community to enjoy. The ground floor, originally used to repair boats, was transformed into an art gallery with an open space design. […]


Location: Funchal, Portugal. Architect: Nini Andrade Silva. Nini Andrade Silva, a well-known designer, has opened her first Design Centre in Madeira, Portugal. The Design Centre is a place for sharing and meeting, with a permanent exhibition, a store, a cafeteria, and a signature restaurant of Michelin Star awarded chef, Miguel Laffan. The permanent exhibition is […]

Damião de Góis Museum and the Victims of the Inquisition by spaceworkers // spaceworkers®

Location: Alenquer, Portugal. Architect: spaceworkers®. The challenge of intervening in an old, restored church in Alenquer to create an exhibition structure about the life and historical legacy of Damião de Gois is significant. The proposal seeks to value the plastic characteristics of the space and minimize its impact on the pre-existence by respecting the existing […]

Cultural Centre of Belém // K-ARRAY | Unique Audio Solutions

Location: Lisbon, Portugal. Architect: K-ARRAY | Unique Audio Solutions. The Cultural Centre of Belém (CCB) in Lisbon underwent a remodeling of its AV equipment to improve sound quality, coverage, and integration of spaces. The goal was to provide a better experience for visitors and performers alike. The CCB recognized the importance of having high-quality AV […]

Cultural Center Miguel Torga // Eduardo Souto de Moura

Location: Coimbra, Portugal. Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura. The Centro Cultural “Espaço Miguel Torga” is a cultural center that aims to study and promote the literary works of Miguel Torga. The building is defined by the characteristic shale walls of the region and is located south of an old fairground. It has two entrances, one […]