Location: Mora, Portugal.

Architect: DC.AD.

The Barroca Museum was designed in 2014 to reorganise a building located on the Barroca Estate. It is composed of a single storey volume with white walls, controlled openings, wooden trusses, whitewashed plastered walls, and red ceramic paving. An exhibition about the history of the local council was installed based on unpublished photographic records. The project was designed with a strong reference to the surrounding built and natural environments, with a volume in the interior of the main nave that stands apart from the walls and ceiling. This volume is intersected across two axes transversal to the surrounding space, allowing visitors to circulate inside and outside of the exhibition. Fixed furniture is used to embed the diverse programs of the museum space, and the green colour of the furniture reflects back to the natural exterior environment.

Photo credit: Francisco Nogueira.