Location: Singapore, Singapore.

Architect: ONG&ONG.

The new Bedok Public Library in Singapore is located in the Heartbeat@Bedok civic hub, which was previously a park that served as a community gathering spot since the 1960s. The library’s design incorporates the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Library in a park” concepts, catering to both families and senior residents. The library’s first level is designed for the elderly, with natural light and desk lights, large print, inclined bottom shelves, electronic magnifiers, and handrails. The second level is dedicated to the younger generation, with park-themed fixtures such as placemark mushrooms, birdhouses, and burrow-like shelves. The furniture is designed with the youth in mind, with ergonomic shelves and signage for easy wayfinding. The library is adaptable to different area requirements, with movable furniture and partitions to facilitate large events or two concurrent programs. Digital upgrades such as e-newspapers, global archives, language translators, and Integrated Digital Bookshelves improve the user experience for residents of all ages in Bedok town.

Photo credit: ONG&ONG and National Library Board.