Location: Nanjing, China.

Architect: Beijing Sunshine Landscape CO. LTD.

Castle In The Sky is a residential project that combines urban and natural elements while also showcasing Jinling culture. Located in Laoshan, it is a city that exudes royal etiquette, order, and dignity. The project aims to highlight the relationship between people, city life, and the natural environment. The terrace garden is designed to connect with Laoshan and maximize the value of its resources. The primary function of Castle In The Sky is to provide public activity space. The garden is designed with four consecutive spaces and eight landscape scenes. The flowing path design creates an emotional experience transformation from the city to nature, producing an Oriental cultural feeling for residents. The designers make use of auditory, visual, touch, taste, and smell design elements to create a rich and subtle experience. The courtyard created by the terrace emphasizes the sense of ceremony, orientation, and belonging of the site, arousing people’s spiritual pursuit for Oriental cultural landscape.

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