Location: Trancoso, Portugal.

Architect: Oficina Ideias em Linha Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos.

The Interpretation Center was plotted in a medieval fortified village to reinforce the corner geometry and establish a symbolic gesture in the context of Jewish urban culture. Materials include irregular granite slab stereotomy and tiny fenestrations, a large glazing, and an excavated granite mass. The main room is inspired by the Sephardic Synagogue and the Synagogue of Tomar, and filters sunlight to the inside through a ceiling. This area is unique due to its size and the lining of the vertical strained panelling in glazed wood. The structure is reinforced concrete column/slab, with walls filled with brick masonry and walls and ceilings of acoustic control plasterboard. Outside paving and coatings are made with regional granite slabs, keeping the colors and textures of the urban environment inside the fortified village and castle guard.

Photo credit: FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura.