Location: Fronteira, Portugal.

Architect: Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos Oficina Ideias em Linha.

The Center for Interpretation of the Battle of Atoleiros in Fronteira is a cultural equipment intended to raise social awareness of the battle and its importance in the context of the dynastic disputes between Portugal and Castela. It is located in an urban park system that simulates and evokes the old battlefield. Materials include pigmented concrete with raw and irregular expression, and schist slabs in horizontal joints. The building generates a gravitational presence, evoking time in its patina patterns. It is composed of concrete walls and a structure formed by a concrete column / beam / slab system, allowing maximum area exploitation and the display of generous exhibition areas. The environment has a golden / reddish tone, reinforcing a sense of belonging. The architects are Arch. Gonçalo Byrne, José Laranjeira, Doriana Reino, Ana Abrantes, Miguel silva, and Fidélio Santana. Measurements and budgets are Fidélio Santana.

Photo credit: FG+SG Fotografia de Arquitectura.