Architects: Alvar Aalto.
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany.
Year: 1962.
Photography: wikiarchitecture, various.

Alvar Aalto’s Wolfsburg Cultural Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, was constructed between 1959 and 1962. Wolfsburg is located 230 kilometres west of Berlin. It was created to offer a location for gatherings and cultural events as a small respite for the industrial town of Wolfsburg. The structure is divided into four sections: the public library, a small adult education school, a space for hobbies and amusement, and a space for club gatherings and volunteer work. The first level is protected by a sheltered area beneath the ground floor, which is made of white and blue Carrara marble, and the vertical features are placed on top of the horizontal patterns on the fa├žade. The interior design plays with the use of lighting and how it enters the space.

As with his other buildings Aalto designing furniture and fittings for this center. He held the belief that his designs were a total work of art. He experimented with several distinct design movements, including organic modernism, international style modernism, and Nordic classicism.