Location: Estoril, Portugal.

Architect: Yaroslav Galant.

“Clube 39” is a multi-functional space in Estoril, Portugal, which includes offices, a restaurant, a training center, a conference hall, a museum, and an open terrace facing training fields. The structure is made from five shipping containers combined under a parametrical roof, which cuts 95% of head wind and provides natural ventilation, eliminating the need for air-conditioners. The wooden parametrics also create a natural shadow that travels around the surfaces of the building, playing with forms and shades. The design successfully solves the tasks of simplicity, strong winds resistance, energy efficiency, and ecological compatibility, considering the features of climate and location of the project. The symbolical name and interiors of “Clube 39” develop an esthetics of emotional mid-century modern style, with recognizable elements of situation and color palette, significant for the style, creating a comfortable friendly atmosphere, uniting different generations under a logo of the club. The architect of the project is Yaroslav Galant, with an area of 300m2, and the designer/decorator is Ilona Galant. The photographer is Dima Kornilov.