Location: Sanya, China.

Architect: Studio A+.

The Cruise on the Putting Greens is a boutique golf hotel located in Phoenix City, Sanya, Hainan province, China. The hotel is the first project of China Sigma Sanya Oriental Sun City development and is situated on a hilly site with a mountain to the north and a golf court to the south. The hotel is designed to merge naturally with the surrounding landscape, with functional spaces partially buried in the earth. The main building, where all the guest rooms are located, stands on top of the green covered base, overlooking the golf court and the sea shore beyond. The main building is visually light-weighted and spiritually light-hearted, with 120 guest rooms floating above the hotel’s main entry level. The hotel features intertwined layers of garden systems, including cantilevered private gardens, shaded gardens on the main entry level, and sky gardens in the main building. The hotel also features a water curtain and an ETFE cushion canopy that provides shade and shelter for the outdoor space. The hotel adopts a series of green design strategies, including sun shading, natural ventilation, rainwater collecting and recycling, and underground tunnel wind cooling.

Photo credit: Studio A+.