Location: Pasig City, Philippines.

Architect: ASYA.

Glas is a new 42-storey office tower in Metro Manila that combines world-class design with green technologies. The building is inspired by the surrounding area’s robust and uniform buildings and features diamond-shaped frit patterns covering most parts of the building. The building’s profile tapers, with upper-level floor plates of a minimum 2000-square meter office space and 2,500-square meter office spaces at the bottom. The development will also include 705 square meters of rentable retail spaces, al fresco dining, and a triple-story high grand lobby. The tower will feature 27 high-speed lifts catering to four building zones, including low to mid zone areas housing BPO offices and high zone areas dedicated to corporate offices, building amenities, and shared office spaces. Glas incorporates sustainable and environmentally-friendly elements, including double-glazed, triple low-e high-performing glass windows, which are the first of their kind in the Philippines. The windows allow natural light to penetrate throughout the floor while blocking off heat, reducing energy requirements and costs. The building also features a highly-efficient rainwater harvesting system to ensure clean and safe non-potable water supply. Overall, Glas is set to become Metro Manila’s premier office address, offering innovative design and green technologies to create a model for the area’s growing cityscape.