Location: Beijing, China.

Architect: DAGA Architects.

The project involves transforming a historic traditional courtyard in Beijing’s Hutong area into a long-term rental apartment. The courtyard is divided into three yards, with an arched wooden gate leading to the front reception area and a central kitchen facing ancient trees in the courtyard. The dining room is a flexible space that can be used for residents or public gatherings. The guest rooms are located in a long and narrow corridor on the west, with five or six rooms divided based on the original structure. The extended part of the yard is built as a glass box, allowing sunlight to pour in and create a visually and spatially balanced space. The glass does not block the sunshine or impair the original look of the building, and the entire space is full of vitality. The project aims to preserve the historic architecture while creating a modern and attractive living space.

Photo credit: Shi Yunfeng