Location: North Vancouver, Canada.

Architect: hcma.

The new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre in North Vancouver will be a hub for individual and collective wellness, offering a range of facilities including an aquatic centre, ice arena, curling, gymnasia, fitness, seniors centre, children and youth areas, and skatepark. The centre aims to redefine recreation by promoting physical, mental, and social wellness through a variety of dynamic spaces that support both casual and organized activities. The design of the centre reflects the unique character of North Vancouver, with a focus on the city’s connection to the outdoors. The stack design of the building allows for natural light and fresh air to flow through, creating a nature corridor that blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The centre also includes spaces between the organized recreation zones to encourage community connections and mentorship. The project is a critical one for the City of North Vancouver and will act as a northern gateway to the city.

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