Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Architect: RTDA.

ITMO University, the best Russian university in the field of information and photon technologies, plans to build a new campus called ITMO Highpark, which will be located 17 kilometers south of St. Petersburg. The campus will become the center of the yet unbuilt satellite city Uzhny and the biggest innovation center in St. Petersburg. The priority spheres of development for ITMO University are information and communication technologies, photonics, robotics, quantum communications, urban science, translational medicine, scientific communications, art and science. However, the existing format and infrastructure of ITMO University do not allow it to effectively interact with the world’s leading institutions. The new campus will allow the university to extend into new areas of knowledge and create opportunities for the further development of those that already exist. The University’s ambition is to coordinate its educational and scientific activities with companies engaged in high-tech industries. The new campus will consist of two parts: an education zone or campus, where education, administrative, research buildings, conference halls for events, students’ and academic staff residential accommodation, public spaces, and social and public infrastructure facilities are located, and an Innovation Centre, which includes a Business Incubator Centre, the Urban Centre and the Advanced Production Zone. The Advanced Production Zone will be built up on serviced plots by resident companies separately, but in accordance with rules and recommendations set out by ITMO University.