Location: Dali, Yunnan Province, China.

Architect: S.P.I Landscape Group.

The Deformation Record of Quarry in Dali, Yunnan is a project that aims to transform a quarry site into a health-preserving vacation tourism base. The project covers an area of 417,000 square meters and is located in Dali, Yunnan Province. The project is designed to provide modern people with a reclusive health-preserving dwelling in nature. The design style is pure and simple, which conforms to the spirit and cultural temperament of the local Bai nationality. The project is designed to dialogue with the surrounding beautiful natural environment, including the Cangshan mountains, the Erhai lake, Chongsheng Temple, and white clouds. The natural water system of waterfalls and springs is formed according to the height difference in the scattered Hotel community. The stones accumulated in the site are fully utilized to form a stone landscape with Dali characteristics. The local health vegetation fuses the building with Cangshan Mountain. The project will promote the development of Dali health-preserving tourism and vacation by linking natural, cultural, and industrial innovation. The project is located in Dali, Yunnan Province, with Cangshan mountains on its back, facing Erhai Lake, Chongsheng Temple in the north, and Taoxi Valley in the south. The project has a significant height difference between the highest and the lowest points, which is about 90M, and the distribution is platform-like. Because of the history of quarrying, a large number of excavated stones are accumulated in the site, with sizes as large as 6m and as small as 10cm. The local Bai architectural culture, Buddhist culture with regional characteristics, and the health culture of Baiyao enterprises in Yunnan are the cultural basis of the project. The project is designed to become the most unique reclusive health resort hotel group in Dali. The designer takes the theme of “hiding from the outside world” as the design theme, fully excavates the regional cultural temperament, and makes the project “hiding” in Cangshan mountains by using natural elements such as water, stone, wood, grass, flower, fire, and light. The project is designed to create a reclusive health-preserving vacation life by means of culture. The design concept is to take material from nature, talk with nature, and let life return to nature. The project is rooted in regional culture, constructs brand high-end health-preserving tourism and vacation base, and creates a new chapter of Dali health-preserving tourism and vacation by linking natural, cultural, and industrial innovation.

Photo credit: Chao Hu (S.P.I Landscape Group).