Location: Hangzhou, China.

Architect: Zhejiang Antao Design co. LTD.

The Laurel Oriental project is located in Xu village in Linping Hangzhou and draws inspiration from the traditional culture of the Jiangnan region. The design of the modern courtyard landscape incorporates Oriental charm and uses the highly abstract minimalist modernism technique. The garden is divided into three levels, each integrating the culture image of Hangzhou West Lake. The first level features a courtyard with still water surrounded by black fine sand and a Chinese Hackberry planted on white rocks, inspired by Chinese landscape paintings. The second level depicts the famous scenic spot of Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon on the still water surface, with minimalist structures and tiered steps resembling mountains. The third level is the Longjing square garden, inspired by the Longjing tea of the West Lake, with bright green trees surrounded by clear water. The space is made up of white walls, grey tiles, black sand and bright greenness, creating a pure and geometric form. The minimalist design allows visitors to experience the beauty of the courtyards and the vitality of the West Lake, while also providing a sense of seclusion and relief from boredom.

Photo credit: Xiao Wang.