Location: Odemira, Portugal.

Architect: Helena Botelho Arquitectura.

The Jardim de Infância Nossa Senhora da Piedade (JINSP) was established in 1967 to provide education for children in the area. After 50 years of operation, the school has realized the need to integrate learning with life experiences and has proposed the construction of a new space called the Lugar do Conhecimento, or the House of Knowledge. This space will promote cultural and educational programs for children of different ages, combining scientific, humanistic, and artistic knowledge. The new building will also be open to the community for events such as art exhibitions, poetry sessions, and concerts. The architectural design of the building is based on the program’s requirements and the site’s location in the town of Odemira. The proposed building will continue the existing building’s height and follow the street’s access to the Largo Sousa Prado. The building’s interior will be organized into three functional areas, with the library located on the lower level, the entrance level housing a multipurpose room and exhibition gallery, and the administrative area on the upper level. The building’s design allows for natural light to enter the space and for the different areas to communicate with each other. The project was designed by architect Helena Botelho, with collaboration from Andreia Veríssimo and Mattia Maggiore. The engineering aspects of the project were handled by Betar Engenharia, Miguel Vilar, Andreia Cardoso, João Mira, and David Ferreira. The proposed building will provide a space for children to learn and grow, integrating their education with their life experiences and promoting cultural and artistic knowledge.