Location: Bodrum, Turkey.

Architect: Tabanlioglu Architects.

Maça Kızı is a beach club in Bodrum that reflects a traditional guesthouse from the 80s. The club has been reconstructed with a passion for conservation, minimizing its environmental impact. The design focuses on the shoreline organization, landing pier, floating dock, and pergola system. The waterfront deck over the sea is perfect for relaxing and experiencing the Bodrum sunset. The floating dock is attached to the rocks subtly, leaving water in between the deck and rocks, and lighting elements below the deck present a dramatic visual treat at night. The design is eclectic in style with subtle references to the past, natural qualities, sensitive designs, and soft muted shades. The combination of soft fabrics and stiffer materials, including the light beige colored military camouflage net used to cover the pergolas, resonates with the low-key mode of “quiet luxury.” Retractable awnings grant glittering and playful shadows on the timber flooring, besides granting maximum protection from environmental influences, mainly the strong sunbeams. The design integrates into nature, light, and breeze, with a mixture of semi-open and open spaces. The club offers an understated luxury and a pared-down aesthetic that offers alternatives for operational functions without disturbing its essential qualities.

Photo credit: photo credits; Christopher Kennedy.