Location: Mora, Portugal.


The Megalithic Museum in Mora, Portugal is a new cultural asset for the town and region, showcasing archaeological findings and serving as a local and national reference. The museum complex integrates the old train station, its warehouse, and two new buildings, with a continuous outdoor gallery connecting them. The main entrance is located in the old train station building, which also houses the library, IT room, and administration areas. The warehouse was transformed into a multipurpose open space for education workshops. The design, materials, and techniques used in the refurbishment process respect the character of the existing constructions. The metallic white panels that wrap around the gallery space and new buildings were cut out with a geometrical pattern that is an interpretation of Megalithic iconography, bringing light into the space during the day and glowing in the dark at night. The project won first prize in an international public competition and was designed by CVDB Arquitectos Associados with Tiago Filipe Santos, in collaboration with P-06 Atelier and Site Specific Arquitectura for the exhibition project, Bound arquitectos paisagistas for landscape architecture, and Prof.ยช Dra. Leonor Rocha for museology consulting.

Photo credit: Fernando Guerra.