Mercedes-Benz Vadi Park Showroom // Boytorun Architects

Location: Istanbul, Turkey.

Architect: Boytorun Architects.

The Mercedes-Benz showroom in Istanbul’s developing Kağıthane region has been designed to provide the “Perfect Customer Experience” using cutting-edge technology. The showroom features digital screens, tablets, and virtual reality stands integrated into the design to provide a full experience of the cars for customers. Configurators have been placed around the showroom so that customers can design their own vehicles according to their choices in a co-design platform. The showroom has a unique layout and design due to the 65-meter spiral ramp that has been used as a car display area. The ramp provides an uninterrupted display area for the showroom as well as creating a distinctive design feature. To examine the effect of the ramp on the design and atmosphere of the showroom, 3D BIM programs have been utilized during the design and planning phases. The showroom ceiling has voids to allow the light to penetrate evenly throughout the showroom, making sure natural lighting is utilized to the maximum extent. For artificial lighting, LED lamps have been preferred for the interior lighting elements to minimize energy usage. A reading corner, accessories stand, and boutique area have been placed adjacent to the customer lounge to provide better service for the visitors. A series of simulation devices have been placed in a recreational ground for the kids. Due to these additional functions that have been placed within the showroom, the vehicle purchasing experience became more pleasant for the customers.

Photo credit: Gürkan Akay.