Location: Paris, France.

Architect: Architecturestudio.

The restructuring and extension of Advancia business school in Paris was entrusted to AS.ArchitectureStudio. The building features a property complex including classrooms, offices, 3 amphitheatres, a 260-seat auditorium, a resource centre, a recording studio and food and beverage areas. It is characterised by the refined design of glass facades composed of mobile vertical shutters with couloured printed glass. The main classrooms and offices are served by open walkways set around a large atrium. The project is designed as a forum dedicated to students, teachers and entrepreneurs.

The project is both contemporary and historical, with AS.Architecture-Studio renovating the initial building in a precise and refined manner. The rear facade of the historical building reveals itself inside the atrium, while the opposite facade asserts the aesthetics of the building: history and future. The facades gain rhythm thanks to mobile vertical shutters made of coloured printed glass, which control light input. The colour range changes according to the brightness and position of the sun, with seven colours, three patterns, and seven different heights. The integration work on the facade was achieved through collaboration with a national heritage architect.

Photo credit: Georges Fessy.