Montaigne Multimedia Library // TAUTEM Architecture

Location: Frontignan, France. Architect: TAUTEM Architecture. The Montaigne Multimedia Library in Frontignan, France is a unique and innovative building located on the site of a former sulfur factory. The exterior facade system is composed of load-bearing walls made of white concrete slabs sandwiching a layer of insulation, giving the building a uniform and sculpted aesthetic. […]

MOCO — Hôtel des collections // PCA-STREAM

Location: Montpellier, France. Architect: PCA-STREAM. The Hotel des Collections is a unique space in the heart of Montpellier, located within the Hotel Montcalm. Originally a military headquarters, the building was acquired by the municipality and was intended to be a museum on the history of France in Algeria. However, the project was halted in 2014 […]

Mémorial de la Shoah // Diener & Diener

Location: Drancy, France. Architect: Diener & Diener. The Shoah Memorial at Drancy was inaugurated in September 2012, 70 years after the start of the deportation of Jews from France to Nazi extermination camps. The memorial is located opposite the Cité de la Muette, which was used as an internment and regroupment camp for Jews in […]

Médiathèque Tiers-Lieu // ZITA Architectes

Location: Courcelles-lès-Lens, France. Architect: ZITA Architectes. The project is located in Courcelles-lès-Lens, a town of 7,500 inhabitants in the Hauts-de-France mining area. Located in the town center, the urban fabric is essentially composed of terraced and semi-detached houses in R+1, thus creating a homogeneity of the built templates. 200 m2 and its car park. The […]

Médiathèque Jean Prevost // AIA Life Designers

Location: Bron, France. Architect: AIA Life Designers. The new Media Library in Bron, just a few minutes away from the center of Lyon by tram, is a strong symbol at the entrance of the city. It serves not only as an effective tool for culture and information, but also as a civic facility for the […]

Médiathèque & Centre Multiactivités // RMDM Architectes

Location: St. Germain les Corbeil, France. Architect: RMDM Architectes. The building is a combination of a library and a multi-activities center, with a common lobby and a controlled garden. The design is based on a game of simple and readable volumes, each incorporating a functional cluster, differentiated by materials processing. The linear frontage device is […]

Médard Museum in Lunel // C+D architecture

Location: Lunel, France. Architect: C+D architecture. The Médard Museum in Lunel and the Maritime Museum in Sète are two new cultural attractions in the Languedoc Roussillon region, both supported by the region’s funding. The Médard Museum houses a collection of 5,000 artworks from the 17th to 19th centuries, based on the library of bibliophile Louis […]

MÉCA // BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group

Location: Bordeaux, France. Architect: BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group. The Maison de l’Économie Créative et de la Culture en Aquitaine (MÉCA) is a 18,000 m2 building located between the River Garonne and Saint-Jean train station in Bordeaux. It brings together three regional arts agencies – FRAC for contemporary art, ALCA for cinema, literature and audiovisuals, […]


Location: Saint-Martin-de-Ré, France. Architect: CHRISTIAN MENU ARCHITECT-URBANIST-E. The building in question is an adjunct to history, set in the Renaissance period. It is narrow and straight, with a curve that defines a single interior space. The building is severe yet daring, with a metal roof and glass façades protected by wooden slats. The form is […]

Maritime Museum in Sète // C+D architecture

Location: Sète, France. Architect: C+D architecture. The Médard Museum in Lunel and the Maritime Museum in Sète are two new cultural attractions in the Languedoc Roussillon region, both supported by the region’s funding. The Médard Museum houses a collection of 5,000 artworks from the 17th to 19th centuries, based on the library of bibliophile Louis […]

Mama Shelter Lyon // Philippe Starck

Location: Lyon, France. Architect: Philippe Starck. Mama Shelter is a unique and atypical place that was created by a tribe of individuals who shared the same desire to create a different kind of space. The founders wanted to create a place that could surprise and exist thanks to the vibes of a district, the energies […]

MAISON DU PROJET // Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos

Location: Lillers, France. Architect: Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos. The Madrid-based Carlos Arroyo Architects, in collaboration with local team Ekoa, has designed the first Cradle to Cradle (C2C) building certified in France. The building, called the “Project House” (Maison du Projet), is a seed building for the introduction of the circular economy in the metropolitan area of […]

Maison du Fromage // dwpa, architectes

Location: Gunsbach, France. Architect: dwpa, architectes. The Maison du Munster is a cultural and leisure facility that showcases the local heritage, particularly the production of Munster cheese. The site was originally an agricultural farm, which has been converted into an interpretation center for architecture and heritage. The project aims to preserve the site’s typicity by […]

LILLIAD — Learning Centre Innovation, Villeneuve d’Ascq // Auer Weber

Location: Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France. Architect: Auer Weber. The French Ministry of Education has provided funding to renovate university infrastructure and rethink outdated learning concepts. The new Learning Centre “Innovation” is part of this initiative and aims to prepare for the future by incorporating technical progress and new methods of communication. The existing circular library building was […]

Lieu de mixité intergénérationnel // Architectures Amiot – Lombard

Location: Lantenne-Vertière, France. Architect: Architectures Amiot – Lombard. The article discusses the renovation of a small heritage building, with a focus on preserving the original structure while incorporating modern elements. The two existing buildings, a barn and a rectory, were deemed sufficient for the project’s needs, so no new construction was added. Traditional materials and […]

Library and Theater // Dominique Coulon & associés

Location: Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Architect: Dominique Coulon & associés. The Multicultural Centre in Isbergues, France serves as a connection between the town and an inter-municipal park. The building’s volumes slide over each other and are covered in locally produced stainless steel in three different finishes, creating a kinetic effect that reflects sunlight. The building’s internal organization […]

Les Forges – Knowledge Centre for Innovation – Saint-Etienne // K ARCHITECTURES

Location: Saint-Etienne, France. Architect: K ARCHITECTURES. The former Saint-Etienne arms factory was built in 1864 and is an industrial and military “palace” composed of white stone and red brick. It is an emblematic site in the history of the city, whose conversion into a creative district hosts prestigious programmes such as the Cité du Design […]

Les Dada East, Hair & styling salon Paris // Joshua Florquin

Location: Paris, France. Architect: Joshua Florquin. Les Dada East is a hair and styling salon in Paris that offers more than just haircuts. Founder Edoardo Seghi has created an atypical atmosphere that hosts cultural events such as art expositions and openings. To create a new interior concept and design for his second salon, Edoardo commissioned […]

Learning Lab Bibliothèques Universitaires // NM2A Architecture

Location: Montpellier, France. Architect: NM2A Architecture. The University Libraries of Montpellier are implementing a learning lab to enhance the learning experience of their students. The learning lab will provide a collaborative space for students to work together and access resources such as technology, software, and educational materials. The goal is to create an environment that […]