Location: Gurugram, India.

Architect: PAL Design Group.

The preschool is designed to provide edutainment experiences for children aged 1.5 to 4.5 years old. The space is designed to resemble outdoor nature and is filled with natural light. The design team has created a playful environment that encourages different modalities of learning. The open areas are divided by see-through partitions, and playrooms are designed differently to accommodate diverse interests. Movement is encouraged as one of the foundations for a child’s healthy physical and mental development. The school integrates spaces such as a cafĂ©, library, art room, and sports hall for diverse learning. The design process focuses on how light can interact with children, and a multi-storey lightwell is introduced as a multi-lighted central feature that directs and diffuses light downwards and sideways. The exterior of the preschool is tailored to connect the interior space to its inhabitants with a series of physical activity and play including a sand pit, water game, and outdoor reading area. The overall design takes a minimalist approach to create a calm but boundless environment for children to explore. The project aims to contribute to a better early childhood learning environment with the philosophy that learning should happen everywhere, and the better the design, the better the education.

Photo credit: Suryan // Dang.