Location: Moscow, Russia.

Architect: MVRDV.

RED7 is a 2019 complex located in the centre of Moscow that will add to the city’s skyline. The 52,000m2 complex will consist of luxury apartments, a sports centre, flexible workspaces, an event space and a sky deck. The top floors will have apartments in a variety of configurations and sizes with the largest located on the corners providing panoramic views in every direction. The complex will also have a supermarket and both commercial and residential parking. The building’s shape and interior typologies can be diversified using a modular system that provides both compact and spacious apartments. The volume of the building is sculpted and diversified to create distinctive entrances and a sloping roofscape that strengthens the views of the city. The red ceramic façade features a subtle gradient of window sizes in dialogue to the buildings overall massing. The distinct red-colour of the façade not only refers to the neighboring constructivist building, but also affirms its character as a warm and welcoming place to live. According to Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of MVRDV, the building’s silhouette is an abstraction of the classical building silhouettes found in the city. The combination of two grand and warm-toned buildings creates a symbolic gateway to the city centre, as well as homely dwellings and fine work spaces with a lively programme on ground levels for all to enjoy. The complex offers remarkable views of Moscow’s skyline and adds a bold new character to the city’s existing silhouette. The corner plot will have great exposure and accessibility within the city. The elevation pattern is manipulated by various window sizes that respond to their position within the façade. Sculptural cuts on the top and bottom of the facade are carved out according to the function that needs to take place, or certain quality that needs to be provided within the space inside. The modular system allows for diversifying the building’s shape and interior typologies.

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