Location: Shenzhen, China.

Architect: One Plus Partnership Limited.

The cinema in Longhua, Shenzhen, was designed to recreate a virtual world of architecture, combining real-life and virtual elements. The designers used vertical and horizontal lines to build up their design concept, creating a strong sci-fi visual effect. The metal bars in blue tones intersecting each other on the ceiling of the ticketing lobby strengthen the three-dimensional visual effect, while LED lights enhance the depth of space and different lighting effects. The entire walkway, whether it is walls, floors or ceilings, is covered in a simple, yet stylish tone of gray, with straight and horizontal pits inlaid with LED lights creating a strong sci-fi visual effect. The ceilings and walls of the cinema’s largest IMAX theater are made up of different shades of blue sound-absorbing panels, with the floor covered in a straight and horizontal pattern to create a depth of space. The VIP lounge features a criss-crossed metal plate in the ceiling with LED lights underneath, and the washroom’s blue ceiling is also made of the same element, inlaid with LED lights, connecting tightly with the whole design concept of the cinema. The designers hope to create a real-life scene in a virtual world, combining the illusory world of the film with the cinema design, supporting the theme of the entire design with vertical and horizontal grid lines, illustrating the wonderful connection between reality and illusion.

Photo credit: Jonathan Leijonhufvud & Jiangnan Photography.