Location: Shenzhen, China.

Architect: Leigh & Orange Limited.

The Shenzhen Metro Qianhai Depot Project includes a kindergarten and primary cum secondary school, as well as a 300m sports field. The project is designed to integrate with the existing metro depot, with the kindergarten and sports field spectator stand integrated under a “one roof” feature on +16m. The primary cum secondary school is connected to the sports field via an elevated link bridge. The kindergarten is designed to accommodate 12 classes of childhood education and encourages interaction, innovation, and creativity. The design emphasizes sustainability considerations, with a featured green roof system and an interactive and environmentally friendly atmosphere. The Shenzhen Qianhai Harbour School is designed to form a seamless connection between surrounding development and the school via a series of green platforms. The design encourages open learning, interaction, and sharing, with an overall theme of a “green learning environment closer to nature” reflected in the use of building facades, materials, planting, and open spaces.

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