Location: Ceret, France.

Architect: Agence d’architecture Boyer-Percheron-Assus.

The renovation project preserves the existing building and the quality of the Union Hall by organizing rehearsal and conference rooms on the city side and implementing a voluminous performance hall at the rear. The concrete parallelepiped blueprint is animated with alternating horizontal layers in various shades of ochre. The four process-coloured concrete walls were cast in their entirety to avoid any construction joints. The interior lining of the large hall is made of solid wood, with panels covering the walls made of a collection of wooden boards. The play of shadows allows several possible readings.

The interior atmosphere is immaculate and the design is flexible. The site has a façade on one of the main boulevards, with the Salle de l’Union on the other side. An ancienne venelle is liberated to link the centre ancien to the new entrée of the equipment. The volume is voluntaryly treated to minimise its impact.

Photo credit: Agence d’architecture Boyer-percheron-Assus et associé.