Zénith Music Centre // Foster + Partners

Location: Saint-Etienne, France. Architect: Foster + Partners. The new Zénith in Saint Etienne, France, is a modular structure designed by Foster + Partners that can accommodate up to 7,200 visitors for musical, cultural, and even sporting events. The distinctive feature of the architecture is the aerodynamic roof, which channels the flow of winds from the […]

Tour Saint-Gobain // Valode & Pistre

Location: Paris, France. Architect: Valode & Pistre. Saint-Gobain, a leader in building and highperformance materials, will set up its headquarters in a new tower developed by the Generali Group in the La Défense business district. Valode & Pistre has been retained by Generali, in consultation with Saint-Gobain and EPADESA, following an international architecture consultation. The […]

Théodore Gouvy Theatre // Dominique Coulon & associés

Location: Freyming-Merlebach, France. Architect: Dominique Coulon & associés. The ‘Théodore Gouvy’ theatre in Freyming-Merlebach has become a symbol of the town’s renewal, offering local residents a 700-seat auditorium with dedicated areas for performers and logistics. It is located on the Place des Alliés, close to the town centre and next to the new town hall […]

Théâtre et conservatoire de musique // ANMA

Location: Châtenay-Malabry, France. Architect: ANMA. Originally a public swimming pool and household waste incineration plant, the cultural center of Châtenay-Malabry comprises three distinct entities: a theatre, a music and dance conservatory, and a musical café. The adopted plan preserves the main volumes and the facades on the street of the existing – listed in the […]

Théâtre 95 // gpaa

Location: Pontoise, France. Architect: gpaa. The problem expressed by the project owner closely links the recomposition of Theater 95 to the sketch of an urban morphology and the design of the open spaces of the urban block. The extension of the theater is thought out in a dialectical vision of the theater-city interactions: the theater […]

Theater // Dominique Coulon & associés

Location: Montreuil, France. Architect: Dominique Coulon & associés. Dominique Coulon’s design for a state theatre in Montreuil, located in the eastern suburbs of Paris, mediates between the city center and rural surroundings. The building complex is dense and closed, but has open spaces for communication and exchange. The interior spaces expand and contract, reminiscent of […]

The Wedge // Jakob + MacFarlane Architects

Location: Pont-Audemer, France. Architect: Jakob + MacFarlane Architects. akob + MacFarlane designed for a cinema complex in Pont-Audemer, France, which is located on the edge of the town and anchors a future commercial strip. Six movie theatres ranging in size from 40 to 280 seats are stepped up in section from the ground to first […]

The Louvre-Lens // SANAA

Location: Lens, France. Architect: SANAA. The Louvre-Lens is an integral part of the Louvre project in the regions. It is located on 20 hectares of wasteland that was once a major coal mine and has since been taken over by nature. The architects wanted to create a low, easily accessible structure that integrates into the […]

The Grand Auditorium of the Maison De La Radio // Architecturestudio

Location: Paris, France. Architect: Architecturestudio. The Maison de la Radio was programmed for its 40th anniversary in 2003 and was transformed into a 1461-seat symphony hall in November 2014. The Grand Auditorium, designed by AS.Architecture-Studio, is a new international symphony hall in Paris. It is a “music-centred” hall with a vertical volume where balconies are […]

The Euromed Center Complex and Hotel // Studio Fuksas

Location: Marseille, France. Architect: Studio Fuksas. The Euromed Center is a part of the Euroméditerranée urban project, which aims to renew Marseille’s commercial and industrial harbor. The project involves various international architecture competitions, and in 2006, architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas won the competition for the Euromed Center. The center provides an urban mix of […]

The Céret performance hall // Agence d’architecture Boyer-Percheron-Assus

Location: Ceret, France. Architect: Agence d’architecture Boyer-Percheron-Assus. The renovation project preserves the existing building and the quality of the Union Hall by organizing rehearsal and conference rooms on the city side and implementing a voluminous performance hall at the rear. The concrete parallelepiped blueprint is animated with alternating horizontal layers in various shades of ochre. […]

The Carreau du Temple // studioMilou architecture

Location: Paris, France. Architect: studioMilou architecture. The Carreau du Temple, a historic market in Paris, was reopened in 2014 as a cultural and sports facility. The building, which is one of the few surviving structures from the nineteenth-century tradition of metal-framed architecture in Paris, was designed by studioMilou architecture. The firm sought to emphasize the […]

Terrasson’s Library // Architecture Patrick Mauger

Location: Terrasson-Lavilledieu, France. Architect: Architecture Patrick Mauger. The multimedia library in Terrasson aims to boost the town’s cultural life by providing an innovative cultural and intergenerational complex. The building, designed by the Architecture Patrick Mauger agency, integrates sustainable development measures such as shading from pine trees, a green roof, rainwater recuperation system, and energy-saving luminaires. […]

Sud de France Arena // A+Architecture

Location: Montpellier, France. Architect: A+Architecture. The Park&Suites Arena is a unique space with the capacity to host up to 14 000 people in optimal conditions. It is modular, comfortable, has an irreproachable acoustic, spreads over 12 500 m2, and integrates an exhibit hall of 6 000 m2. The entry hall guides visitors to the main […]

Strasbourg Convention Centre // Dietrich I Untertrifaller

Location: Strasbourg, France. Architect: Dietrich I Untertrifaller. Dietrich | Untertrifaller and Rey-Lucquet & Associés’ design for the Strasbourg Palais de la Musique et des Congrès combines existing music halls with new buildings to create a harmonious ensemble with a distinctive architectural identity. The project was nominated for the European Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies […]

Soulages Museum // RCR Arquitectes | Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramon Vilalta

Location: Rodez, France. Architect: RCR Arquitectes | Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramon Vilalta. The Pierre Soulage Museum in Rodez, France, opened in 2014 and showcases the works of abstract artist Pierre Soulage. The collection includes stained glass windows, preparatory works, figurative paintings, printed works, and more. The building was designed by Passelac et Roques Architects […]

Sala degli Spettacoli Pays D’Aix // Piero Castiglioni

Location: Pays D’Aix, France. Architect: Piero Castiglioni. The main feature of the new theater is the urban position: the relief of the land and the covered railway line that passes on one of its sides create the differences in altitude which are themselves considered design matter. The result is a succession of circular volumes that […]

Saint Corneille Library // Architecture Patrick Mauger

Location: Compiègne, France. Architect: Architecture Patrick Mauger. The Saint-Corneille library has been renovated and expanded, incorporating the remains of the Saint-Corneille Abbey. The entrance has been updated with a contemporary glass volume, allowing passers-by to see the historic vaults. The reading spaces have been reorganized, with the ground floor dedicated to current affairs and arts, […]

Réserves du Musée Ingres // W-ARCHITECTURES

Location: Montauban, France. Architect: W-ARCHITECTURES. The project aims to give a sense of life to a building that stores and protects artworks that remain invisible. The idea is to create an image of a protective and serene building beyond the world of hard and austere storage buildings. The building is made of glass and concrete […]

Réaménagement de La Tuilerie Sauvard // Spirale Architecture

Location: La Guerche-sur-l’Aubois, France. Architect: Spirale Architecture. The project involved the rehabilitation of an old tile factory, Tuilerie Sauvard, into a Centre for Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage (CIAP). The building, considered a significant industrial heritage site, has become a museum showcasing the industrial history of the region. The objectives of the centre include raising […]