Cultural Center in Castelo Branco, Portugal // Mateo Arquitectura

Location: Castelo Branco, Portugal. Architect: Mateo Arquitectura. The project of the Cultural Center in Castelo Branco was inspired by the remodelling of Praça Largo da Devesa, a large public space. It presented the challenge of addressing the complexity of the public space and the traffic and urban problems of the historic center of Castelo Branco. […]

Centro de Artes Nadir Afonso // Louise Braverman Architect

Location: Boticas, Portugal. Architect: Louise Braverman Architect. Centro de Artes Nadir Afonso is a 20,000 square foot single artist museum that fuses architecture and landscape to honor one of Portugal’s most beloved native sons, Nadir Afonso. It is divided into two parts: a light-filled cultural center and a vast, below-grade exhibition space. The interior spaces […]

Centro Culturale Belem // Piero Castiglioni

Location: Lisbon, Portugal. Architect: Piero Castiglioni. The Centro Cultural de Belem is a large architectural project that aims to connect the historic Belem area with the modern city of Lisbon. The building is 400 meters long and has a predominantly horizontal design, serving as a link between the Belem monument area and the nearby tower […]

Center for Interpretation of Jewish Culture Isaac Cardoso // Oficina Ideias em Linha Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos

Location: Trancoso, Portugal. Architect: Oficina Ideias em Linha Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos. The Interpretation Center was plotted in a medieval fortified village to reinforce the corner geometry and establish a symbolic gesture in the context of Jewish urban culture. Materials include irregular granite slab stereotomy and tiny fenestrations, a large glazing, and an excavated granite mass. […]

Casas das Mudas – Arts center // Paulo David Arquitecto

Location: CALHETA, MADEIRA, Portugal. Architect: Paulo David Arquitecto. The Art Center – Casa das Mudas – by the Portuguese architect Paulo David, is a sign in the panorama of Calheta (Madeira), strategically located on the top of the cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Calheta is a very extensive district on the west coast of the […]

Casal Saloio – Museum of Rurality // Miguel Marcelino

Location: Cascais, Portugal. Architect: Miguel Marcelino. The Casal Saloio de Outeiro de Polima is a rural house that has undergone multiple changes and expansions over time, now transformed into a museum space. The new expansion consists of two new volumes intersecting in an L, forming a courtyard with the existing set and adopting a similar […]

Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira // Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda

Location: Porto, Portugal. Architect: Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda. This building was designed to commemorate the work of Portuguese filmmaker Manuel de Oliveira. The two windows resemble a double-lens camera and offer a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the two apartment blocks in front of the “Casa”.

Casa das Histórias Paula Rego // Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda

Location: Cascais, Portugal. Architect: Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda. The Casa das Histórias Paula Rego is a museum designed by architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, incorporating aspects of the region’s historical architecture in a contemporary way. The building features two pyramid-shaped towers and red-colored concrete, with the surrounding land and trees incorporated as fundamental elements. […]

Casa das Artes in Miranda do Corvo // FAT – Future architecture thinking

Location: Miranda do Corvo, Portugal. Architect: FAT – Future architecture thinking. The Casa das Artes (House of the Arts) in Miranda do Corvo expresses the meeting between two identities, rural and urban, in a landscape marked by the Lous Mountains. It features a contemporary and volumetrically expressive language, with sloping roofs and a strong red […]

Casa das Artes // Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda

Location: Porto, Portugal. Architect: Souto Moura – Arquitectos Lda Eduardo Souto de Moura. The building is located in the gardens of a neoclassical palace in Porto and was designed by Eduardo Souto Moura for a competition that required the construction of a cinema, an auditorium, and an exhibition gallery while preserving the existing gardens. The […]

Casa da Musica // OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Location: Porto, Portugal. Architect: OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture. The Casa da Musica, the home of the National Orchestra of Porto, is a solitary building standing on a travertine-paved plateau in front of the Rotunda da Boavista. It has a distinctive faceted form, made of white concrete, and an elevated 1,300-seat Grand Auditorium with […]

Cartaxo Cultural Centre // CVDB ARQUITECTOS

Location: Cartaxo, Portugal. Architect: CVDB ARQUITECTOS. The new Cultural Centre in Cartaxo is a public building that features a bold in situ exposed concrete cantilever that projects onto the sidewalk and foyer to house the main auditorium. The building is located between two gables and takes on the modest urban scale of the main square […]

Beato Convent – Events Centre // RISCO

Location: Lisbon, Portugal. Architect: RISCO. The Convento do Beato complex is a dozen or so buildings that date from various eras. The project developed by RISCO for Beato Lux includes the remodelling of the Events Centre and the renovation/refurbishment of the remaining buildings for new uses. Work began in 2018 and is scheduled for completion […]

Barroca Museum // DC.AD

Location: Mora, Portugal. Architect: DC.AD. The Barroca Museum was designed in 2014 to reorganise a building located on the Barroca Estate. It is composed of a single storey volume with white walls, controlled openings, wooden trusses, whitewashed plastered walls, and red ceramic paving. An exhibition about the history of the local council was installed based […]

26th Amadora BD // Vírgula i

Location: Brandoa, Portugal. Architect: Vírgula i. The Amadora BD International Comics Festival has used 698 cardboard tubes, 822 cardboard boxes, 865 sq. of cardboard panels and 63 meters of concertinaed cardboard to create facades, exhibition spaces, an auditorium, and slides and labyrinths for its latest exhibition. Designed by Vírgula i, the studio used cardboard to […]

“Clube 39” Estoril Praia // Yaroslav Galant

Location: Estoril, Portugal. Architect: Yaroslav Galant. “Clube 39” is a multi-functional space in Estoril, Portugal, which includes offices, a restaurant, a training center, a conference hall, a museum, and an open terrace facing training fields. The structure is made from five shipping containers combined under a parametrical roof, which cuts 95% of head wind and […]

Zénith Nantes Metropole // Atelier d’architecture Chaix & Morel et Associés

Location: Nantes, France. Architect: Atelier d’architecture Chaix & Morel et Associés. The architectural design was guided by the search for a minimal shape that was as compatible as possible with the functions to be : stage space, space reserved for spectators and secondary zones. These elements have been integrated into a simple ring that unites […]

Zenith Music Hall // Studio Fuksas

Location: Eckbolsheim, France. Architect: Studio Fuksas. With its 10,000 seats, the Zenith in Strasbourg is the largest concert hall in Europe. The room is conceived as a dark nucleus, protected by a hard shell, shaped on lines with different radii of curvature, designed to optimize the relationship between maximum capacity and the best view and […]